Welcome to ADxg

We run (in-house) targeted, high quality multi-screen (desktop, mobile, tablets etc) marketing campaigns mainly for top brands

Why Us?

We deliver targeted campaign performance through our State-of-the-Art email placement optimization platform.

Targeting Traffic

Live REAL TIME user action tracking with historical data, we deliver the most targeted audiences for advertisers and increase the efficiency of any campaign.

Lead and Traffic Generation

We consistently earn our Clients trust and long term business by proving we effectively and efficiently bring the required call to action.

Brand Safety

ADxg takes brand protection to an entirely different level. As veterans in the online media space, we understand the importance of protecting your brand.

ADgx's Key Highlights

Our powerful proprietary technology, and value-add customer service gets our clients to their goals, efficiently and productively. We help brands reach valuable qualified customers with maximum

Global reach

At all levels of the purchase funnel

Immediate buying opportunities

To decrease time to market

Audience match

Search retargeting and visitor Intent

Instant mobile

Display reach to the right person at the right time

Actionable insights

Not just useless reports

Effective retargeting tools

Across major ad exchanges

Work For Us

ADxg a leader in advertising solutions is seeking an experienced Business Development Manager to join our team. We are an online media agency on a quest to provide advertisers with the greatest return on their ad revenue spend, by using our advertising monetization and management solutions. If you are looking for an exciting position within a company that is on the cutting edge of online advertising, leveraging the latest technologies and interfacing directly with some of the major players, this may be the right opportunity you are looking for!

Want Targeted, High Quality Multi-Screen Marketing Campaigns?