Key Highlights

Global reach

At all levels of the purchase funnel.

Immediate buying opportunities

To decrease time to market

Audience match

Search retargeting and visitor Intent

Instant mobile

And display reach to the right person at the right time

Industry Leader

In Compliance & Brand Safety

Actionable insights

Not just useless reports

Targeting Traffic

Live REAL TIME user action tracking with historical data, we deliver the most targeted audiences for advertisers and increase the efficiency of any campaign. Our historical pattern matching, and identification of users is a specialty we have acquired over years of data collection and validation. Our proprietary technology employs combinational scoring enables a per-record crosscheck as new data enters our database We validate all data collected to ensure a fuller, more accurate user profile is established, helping us target the customers you are looking for.

Targeting capabilities: Age, Lifestyle, Gender, Credit Score, Interest, GEO (City, State, Zip)

Lead and Traffic Generation

Together, our ADxg proprietary technology, we consistently earn our Clients trust and long term business by proving we effectively and efficiently bring the required call to action.  Exclusive and non-exclusive, ADxg makes it work.   We will change they way you meet your business goals. Our customer acquisition campaigns drive thousands of new customers a year for a variety of brands. Our advanced targeting capabilities of specific demand, based on your unique consumers to suit demographics, purchasing behavior characteristics, industries and/or verticals.

Brand Safety

ADxg takes brand protection to an entirely different level. As veterans in the online media space, we understand the importance of protecting your brand. We are a market leader in brad-safe email marketing solutions. Real time end user verification protects your brand and virtually eliminates wasted inventory.  At Adxg our top priority is to protect your brand,. We do this by continuously investing in technology, and people that detect any risk to your brand. All data is vetted thoroughly before we allow the email address into our database for deployment. We have integrated automated methods to identify only verified email users. Our proprietary email platform allows advertisers, agencies and direct marketers to have complete control and transparency over their spend.


At ADxg we put your Ad in front of highly targeted end users inbox.  We understand our clients past ad challenges of getting meaningful placements and reaching their most profitable audience.  Our real time targeting allows each Ad to display in front of your perfect audience.